Original ID Badge: http://siharleneako.tumblr.com/post/659399976/gerginnecenille-dmzl-wow-long-sleeves-ang

All rights for icons/symbols or anything that was used in this production belong to their specific owners and are no way affiliated with me nor endorsing me for the creation of these pictures. My Little Pony Logo, My Little Pony Cutie Marks belong to Hasbro, Inc., Tumblr Logo, Tumblr Icon belong to David Karp and Tumblr, Inc. And once again, none of the content said above, used here belongs to me and it is only done for entertainment, parody and educational purposes only.

Tumblr.pon, Tumblrpon, Tumblrpon High and its logo and badge ID is not owned by anyone and thus royalty free and can be distributed.

The work here is purely fictional and nonexistent in real life.

Once, and final time, All rights reserved.

With that out of the way, I decided to test some Photoshop skills and come up with the Tumblrpon High Logo and Badge ID where anybody can use.

Badge ID with Transparency

Tumblrpon High School Logo